Power Rising 2019

I’m leaving IAD Headed to where the Black Women convene A tight fist forming in my stomach And a sudden realization as the plane ascends That the ground has always been there Greens and browns so distinctly natural I mistook my bare feet for the roots of an oak tree And watered myself, often andContinue reading “Power Rising 2019”

The gift of giving

wilting treesand houses built on sinkholeslost traditions, andblood lines soaking into the eartheating away at the long-forgotten corpses of our lineagebroken mirrors holding disfigured reflectionsof little brown girlswith twisted mouths and charred fingertipsthese rest on creaky floor boardsand against old wooden wallsdraped in white sheetsbooks with no spinespages out of order and words that don’tContinue reading “The gift of giving”